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Industrial feeding damages | my baby

Industrial feeding damages | my baby

Industrial feeding damages

Industrial feeding damages | my baby


 After the baby is born, it is quite normal for him to need food to grow and grow; Therefore, either the mother breastfed her naturally or resorted to artificial feeding so that the mother's milk contains a large group of nutrients that the child needs, most notably vitamins, minerals, and proteins, in addition to starches, water, and fatty substances, and no milk or healthy food can be found such as mother's milk, Which in turn provides the body with a wide range of health benefits. So that the body can grow naturally and perform its vital functions, and also helps to strengthen the child's immune system, and thus protect him from being exposed to many different diseases and health problems, unlike what is caused by artificial feeding.

Artificial breastfeeding harm to the child

Industrial feeding damages | my baby

The effects of artificial feeding on a child are numerous and different and include the following: Increasing mortality among children, in particular, infants who directly depend on them; Because it reduces the ability of the immune system to fight diseases, and thus increase the possibility of 

infection. It does not give the same results and benefits that natural milk gives to a child; Because it does not contain the nutrients contained in the latter, which in turn helps to build the cells of the body and protect it from diseases. The child does not get the enzymes and hormones that he needs to grow 

and maintain health naturally, knowing that natural milk contains more than fifty types of enzymes and hormones necessary, and this is what no company can manufacture or even produce, whatever developed. Artificial milk does not contain antibodies and immune systems, which in turn increases 

the immune system's ability to fight disease, which makes it more susceptible to disease. Specifically increasing the risk of developing diabetes; Because synthetic milk comes mostly from cows, whose milk contains a group of toxins that develop during the manufacturing phase to become more 

dangerous. Increasing the child's risk of developing various types of cancer, especially those affecting the stomach, in addition to diseases and heart problems; Because synthetic milk often contains large amounts of heavy metals that the child's body cannot carry.

 Tips and Advice

Industrial feeding damages | my baby

It is not recommended to resort to artificial breastfeeding except in two specific cases, and after consulting the doctor as well, they are as follows: Poor management of milk in the mother and 

insufficiency of the child. The mother has a specific disease or health problem that makes breastfeeding harmful to her. It is also advised to feed the child with solid foods after he has passed the age of four or six months, in addition to breastfeeding.


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