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Stages of fetal growth | my baby

Stages of fetal growth | my baby

Stages of fetal growth

Pregnancy and fetuses

Pregnancy is defined as the growth of one or more fetuses inside a woman's uterus, where pregnancy occurs after the sperm meets the egg during a process known as fertilization and the fact that fertilization occurs in a woman’s body specifically in the organ known as the fallopian tube, as the 

sperm from the man penetrates the wall of the mature egg released by one of the ovaries In a woman, it is noteworthy that the release of eggs from the ovary is once a month, after which the fertilized egg that results from fertilization moves to the womb through one of the fallopian tubes, and then to 

implant in the womb of the woman during the process known as implantation
Meanwhile, some changes occur in the woman's body in preparation for pregnancy. Such as increased estrogen and progesterone secretion, increased endometriosis, and the appearance of the placenta

In fact, the growth and development of the fetus begin from the moment of fertilization, and the age of pregnancy can be calculated from the first day to the last menstrual period of a pregnant woman, which is called gestational age. Knowledge of the age of pregnancy is important for the accurate follow-up of pregnancy tests and the growth and development of the fetus.

Stages of fetal development in months

Stages of fetal growth | my baby

 The stages of fetal development in a woman's uterus are numerous during pregnancy, and can be divided into three stages, each lasting approximately 12-14 weeks; Where the first third of the first 

week of pregnancy begins and ends with the end of the thirteenth week, followed by the second third 
that continues to about the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy, and ends with the third that extends to

 birth, during these stages the size and mass of the fetus increase and the organs are gradually differentiated, so many devices It begins to form and develop during the fetal stage, during different times throughout pregnancy, and the stages of pregnancy can be described in some detail.

first month

Stages of fetal growth | my baby

 The growth of the fertilized egg during the first month of pregnancy is accompanied by the development of both the amniotic sac and the placenta, as the amniotic sac is filled with fluid and 

surrounds the fetus throughout the pregnancy to contribute to its protection. On the changes that accompany the first weeks of pregnancy, it is indicated that during these four weeks the initial 

structures of the face and neck are formed; So that the face of the initial fetus then contains two large circles that will form the eyes later, as this stage includes the start of the formation of the mouth, 

the lower jaw, and throat, in addition to the lung, stomach, and liver, with the continued growth of the heart and blood vessels, and the red blood cells take shape and start the blood circulation With 

rotation, at the end of the first month of pregnancy, the fetal heart rate will then reach about 65 beats per minute, while its length is estimated to be approximately 6.35 millimeters, which is smaller than the size of a grain of rice.


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